Our Teen Board Programs offer unique sponsorship opportunities. Associated with some of the largest regional malls, we can provide you with an opportunity whereby the shopper in those markets can
discover your message again and again. Not only will they see your message, but act on it as well.

You won�t find a better place to make contact with teens than in the mall. Teen Board's live events target traffic in mall common areas and food courts. Working with mall marketing, we can even support your event through on-mall media, advertising platforms, on-line campaigns and video broadcasts.

Numbers, numbers, numbers! We have significant reach with regional malls that have extremely high volume of traffic with broad and attractive consumer demographics.

Our sponsorship programs cost less than you might think with opportunities for small, mid-size and large businesses and campaigns. Each program is tailored to meet your specific needs.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss this unique marketing opportunity with you.
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